Rockwell Collins 


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Rockwell Collins 

Rockwell Collins is a global company that operates from more than 60 locations in 27 countries. With a large portion of its sales coming from outside the United States, Rockwell Collins continues to focus on growing its business globally. 

For over 70 years, Rockwell Collins has been recognized as a leader in the design, production, and support of communication and aviation electronics for customers worldwide. The company's unique balance of commercial and government customers helps it to maintain stability in a volatile marketplace.

Rockwell Collins is known around the world for its quality, reliable aviation products. We are also known in our communities for our commitment and involvement in education, the arts & culture, and a variety of other organizations.

It is our policy to conduct our business with the highest standards of business conduct and in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. Our company's strong heritage was built on honesty, integrity and fairness. These attributes were important in the past and they will continue to be crucial to our success in the future.